Artic Offshore Construction Norway Royal Salmon
Artic Offshore Farming is designed to operate in though weather conditions. Illustration: NRS


BKS industri AS has entered into a significant contract with Fosen Seafarm Construction AS for delivery, manufacturing and installation of Super Duplex piping on their projects for Norway Royal Salmon (NRS)’s two newly developed aquaculture facility’s, Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF).

We are honored and pleased for the trust Fosen Seafarm Construction AS and Norway Royal Salmon shows BKS industri AS by assigning us this contract. This shows that BKS is in a leading position in high quality piping manufacturing. We are also proud to contribute to a project that will improve the utilization of Norwegian waters and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint.

BKS industri AS is part of the BKS group which consist of several companies in leading positions within Equipment, Manufacturing and Service to the Aquaculture, Oil & Gas, Subsea, Hydro and Geothermal Power, Melting Industry and Shipbuilding Industry.


Statement from NRS:

Norway Royal Salmons industrial ambition is to develop the future of aquaculture industry and secure growth, by using the knowledge from both the fish farming industry and offshore expertise with quality suppliers. This will generate growth within the supplier industry for both existing suppliers that supply equipment and services to the aquaculture industry, and for offshore and marine suppliers that traditionally do not supply the aquaculture industry.

Norway Royal Salmon will work closely with the government on our joint focus on long-term growth with a sustainable aquaculture industry and an environmental footprint that are within the acceptable limits. Norway Royal Salmon will, with our knowledge and experience from decades of farming of world-class salmon in combinations with offshore and marine expertise, create future growth and work along the coast.



Artic Offshore Farming is a semi-submersible offshore fish farming system, that will consist of two fish farming units in combination with feed barge. It is also designed to withstand harsh weather and waves up to 5-15 m. The project will be completed at Fosen shipyard outside Trondheim.