BKS is a partner and provider for melting industry and for process industry, and covers the industry´s need for service, maintenance and renewal. BKS has always had significant assignments in technical solutions for land-based process industry in Norway and Iceland. We have evolved with our costumers needs, which means that we today deliver a large and wide range of services most material qualities and structures.

BKS renews itself continuously within certifications and can offer certified productions and installations in most deliveries. We can mention ISO 9001-2008, “Sentralgodkjenning” etc.

The assignments are related to projection, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of everything from simple structures to complete processes: By having acquired expertise through many years of industrial production and the use of professional qualified personnel and appropriate and modern equipment, BKS ensures that optimal solutions are achieved and that the costumer will get products within their expectations of QHSE, time, price and quality.