The containeren consists of the following:

Isolated container module, blue,
L:3,5 x B:2,5 x H:2,8 meters, covered
with bathroom interior plates.
Available as 20 feet if desired,
with an addition in price.
– 1 front door
– 1 window w/safety blind
– 2 x lights in ceiling
– 4 x double plug and automat fuses 16Amp
– External connection for 1 x KV, 1 x Drain, 1 x Power, 1 x compressed air

Fume cupboards for testing, “Kilab” size cabinet ca 900mm x 630mm x 950m (l x d x h).

Extractor fan for fume cupboards, plastic fan. Specification  attached  (P-154-1)

Extrator fan for test-container (the room for storage of sample bottles) Systemair EX 14-4C.
Attached ( AC-14)

About 3 meters of countertop, which is the totalt amount om countertop included space for extractor fan. Drawers are placed under the countertop.
Utslagsvask/ tilgang til vann, mini bereder 80L i benke skap, evt alt. plassering

Utility sink/access to water and a mini cooker, 80L, in cabinet, can offer a different placement

Power for connecting QC equipment, particle counter, etc.
(3-4 electrical outlets/double) compliance and FDV

Interior, electrical, pipes, ventilation and assembly of furnishings

Ask us for price, see pictures.