BKS offers calculations, drawings, fabrication, assembly of construction in steel, aluminium, stainless and plastic. BKS has its own machining workshop, high end machinery and highly qualified personnel.


Water Cutting

  • BYJET 6030 from Bystronic
  • Tablesize: 6000x3000mm
  • Thickness: Fra 0.5 til 200mm
  • 2 Shear heads
  • Profile-cutting/ Pipe-cutting
  • Precise
  • Small amount of finishing operations
  • Every material: Black, stainless, aluminium, wood, glass, GRP, teflon, rock etc.



  • Lathe/CNC: Max swing diameter: 410mm. Max centre distance 1030mm.
  • Lathe/CNC: Max swing diameter: 630mm. Max centre distance 1800mm
  • Milling cutter/CNC: X-axis 1000mm, Y-axis 500mm and Z-axis 500mm
  • Burring machine (Brush): plate width 1100mm
  • Automatic saw: Max diameter 350mm
  • Column type drilling machine
  • Every measuring tool
  • Material traceability


316/Stainless production

Combined with water cutting, machining and highly qualified welding personnel, BKS delivers everything within stainless materials: 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titan etc.