Water Cutting, Machining and Stainless Production

BKS offers calculations, drawings, fabrication, assembly of construction in steel, aluminium, stainless and plastic. BKS has its own machining workshop, high end machinery and highly qualified personnel.

Water CuttingMachining
– BYJET 6030 from Bystronic

– Tablesize: 6000x3000mm

– Thickness: Fra 0.5 til 200mm

– 2 Shear heads

– Profile-cutting/ Pipe-cutting

– Precise

– Small amount of finishing operations

– Every material: Black, stainless, aluminium, wood, glass, GRP, teflon, rock etc.
– Lathe/CNC: Max swing diameter: 410mm. Max centre distance 1030mm.

– Lathe/CNC: Max swing diameter: 630mm. Max centre distance 1800mm

– Milling cutter/CNC: X-axis 1000mm, Y-axis 500mm and Z-axis 500mm

– Burring machine (Brush): plate width 1100mm

– Automatic saw: Max diameter 350mm

– Column type drilling machine

– Every measuring tool

– Material traceability

316/Stainless production

Combined with water cutting, machining and highly qualified welding personnel, BKS delivers everything within stainless materials: 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titan etc.